Strengthening the management capacities of 4 universities from Chile and Peru, boosting their internationalisation.



36 months, from 15/10/2015 to 14/10/2018



The funding granted by the European Commission within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 amounts to 644.231 euros.


The project addresses the needs of two Partner Countries (Chile and Peru) for a systemic and organised internationalisation of their universities. The main purpose is to reinforce the capacities of these institutions belonging to Non-European Countries (NEC) in terms of International Cooperation, to promote international nerworking and to implement and exploit their potentials on Teaching, Learning and Research (TLR).

This project foresees the strengthening of strategic, infrastructural and human capacities of 4 universities belonging to NEC as a model for the development and modernisation of the iinstitutional management of internationalization in these 2 NECs.

It is also worth mentioning the development of an international cooperation network that will serve as a platform enabling an ongoing dialogue and fostering the synergies arising from the internationalisation process under this multiregional context.

Specific Objectives

Specific objectives will be reached through the execution of thoroughly planned actions at an institutional, national and multiregional level, including: the implementation of a set of strategic and managerial training and infrastructural measures within the institutions involved; a comparative analysis and the development of National Recommendations (NR) in order to promote the internationalization in TLR and the development of a Good Practices Guidebook on the implementation and management of International Relations n universities.

These actions will be complemented by a dissemination strategy and different networking activities, including National and International roundtables and networking conferences.

The Consortium is made up of 8 institutions, among which: 3 European universities with a vast experience in internationalisation; 4 universities from to LatinAmerican countries that are currently facing the challenge of developing an internationalisation strategy and training agencies (associated to the project).


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