Cds & Dvds For All Types Of Movies

Cds & Dvds For All Types Of Movies
Cds & Dvds For All Types Of Movies

The Boxer

There are some interesting ways to use The Boxer (including a few extra points for making a difference), but the obvious one I would suggest is with both the Xbox One & PlayStation 4. There will always be a third or fourth game in development as well, so your chances for this are pretty remote. Or at least, that’s what Sony has said since its first announcement yesterday about a potential version.

It’s already very early days for The Boxer and it still probably won’t show much of a market interest in its development: there are reports that Sony will release a console-only version of the game with a PS3, but we don’t expect it this week even if its debut is anywhere near close. (We will be talking with Nintendo of America’s general director of public relations, Takashi Goto to get a better idea.)

As for how big The Boxer will be, we hope it’s as large as Sony’s latest announcement in 2010.

This article originally appeared on GameSpot’s The Sony Showroom.
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